Feasibility study

Assessing the market’s reaction towards a product/service.

Market research

Assessing a product/service’s access into a specific market.

Marketing strategy

Planning out action steps, identifying approach, mechanisms, etc.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Assessing performances of companies & establishing links between past, present & future actions.

Communications strategy

Establishing the organization’s message and how to communicate it.

Strategy development

Planning out action steps for the company’s entire life cycle.

Organization diagnosis

Assessing sources of incompetence and pushing for change.

Capacity building

Developing and strengthening the skills, instincts, abilities, processes and resources that organizations need to survive, adapt, and thrive.


Pushing team members and leaders to their full potential of productivity, therefore, increasing the business’s whole performance.


Creating practical opportunities for staff to increase their knowledge and experience. There are three levels of training: Elementary, intermediate and advanced.
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