Organizational Assessment

Organization strategies must be updated and developed continuously; optimum planning processes must be encouraged, and employees must invest in their professional self-development, decision-making and communication. That is why managed change efforts are absolutely vital. The Marketers consulting has extensive experience in leading organizational successful change. Our Organizational Diagnosis and Assessment Department presents a detailed realistic diagnosis that sheds the light on sources of weakness and drives for positive change, showing how businesses can break free of wasteful patterns of behavior and thinking to avoid the useless adoption of management trends. offers the clients feasible solutions and guidance to critical problems and demonstrates ways to meet organizational challenges like market downturns, technological change, and alliances with other organizations. Our approach is based on conducting:

  1. Diagnosis and assessment of work groups.
  2. Diagnosis of work-flow problems and other issues involving organizational structure, process and systems.
  3. Assessment of organizational culture.
  4. Focus-groups to cause responses from internal or external customers about potential strategies, about the value of products and services, or about emerging customer needs.