Marketing Service


Market Research

An investigative stage where we initially analyze a product/service’s entry into a specific market; either geographically, sector-based or a mix of both.

Marketing Research

Upon confirmation of the market’s validity, the product/service is subject to assessment against key opponents in order to recognize how it can contend in the identified market(s).

Marketing Strategy

Market and audiences identified – now, where to start? Here comes the role of the strategy; identifying approach, mechanisms, partners, considering stakeholders, and further on.

Communications Strategy

The main priority is to narrow down perspective towards the overall vision of the organization affiliated with the product/service to convey a message, generating specific action for…

Feasibility Studies

Are about calculating the market’s reaction towards a product/service. Even an existing study, may need to be reviewed if new changes/amendments occurred to either the product or the market itself. The study may result to a “no-go”, meaning that this was a small expense to avoid the loss of a bigger one. Ultimately, the study is about how to achieve profit, thus, it is always advisable to start by pushing for it before seeking expansions, mixing between the qualitative and quantitative methods.

Business Plan Reviewing / Development

Representing more than half of the project’s attainment, the business plan aims to achieve efficient time planning. Our role would come in at different stages of the company’s life span; such as scanning the market, the market’s overall trends, etc. with a prioritized attention that leads to marketing planning. This section could be developed from scratch or by reviewing an existing plan in light of PESTEL’s market change.
Above services can be offered all along the product life-cycle; i.e. business requirements’ collection, post-launching, cash cow phase, declining, and further.