Delivering Techniques

The knowledge-based approach aims to transmit the required wisdom & capabilities to the client end; immersing the different departments and/or stakeholders, varying from basic to advanced knowledge via one or more of the following tools:

  • Educational sessions
  • Hand-on workshops
  • Training: Elementary, intermediate and advanced

Commonly, follow-up sessions and/or informative articles are also shared with the client.

The project-based approach aims to clearly and accurately answer specific questions and problems that confront the client’s business, whether internally or externally, using one or more research tools to collect and validate information subject for analysis.

  • Customized studies
  • Customized research
  • Syndicated research

As a follow-up, the study/research’s results are passed on to the involved parties during a half-day workshop to ensure proper translation and grasping of the information obtained and the reached conclusions.

Tailor-made offerings: event branding and management – helps the client to identify the reason for organizing an event, theme branding and overall management, narrowing down focus to boost the event’s objective.