Who We Are

The-Marketer.net was originally founded in 2004, to provide high quality marketing services for the local scene, focusing on the SMEs’incapability of hiring professional marketers. Merited by its strong history & capabilities, by 2005, the company was awarded its first sub-contract with the EU-led project that conducts organizational diagnosis to achieve trade enhancement, picking up in its trail other international donors like the USAID, CIDA, and the IMC.

The assembled expert knowledge enabled the company to enlarge its spectrum and serve other uprising models; Start-ups and Entrepreneurs, considered to be the eradication of unemployment. In December 2008, The-Marketer.net was selected as the authorized marketing consultant by the Technology Incubation Program – affiliated to the MCIT.

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Successful Cases

The incessant accomplishments were not limited locally and along the year 2013/2014, the company was summoned to coach and mentor entrepreneurs in the following regions, organized by ANIMA:

  • Paris – June, 2013
  • Casablanca – January, 2014
  • Cairo – February, 2014
  • Brussels – September 2014

Thanks to the on-going achievements, we have been selected to implement different business and research activities to different distinguished clients:


To satisfy unmet needs for SMEs, Start-ups and Entrepreneurs, that seek professional marketing and management services, achieving a balanced equation between what is efficient and what is cost-effective.


Guiding our clients to plan out their own roadmap to achieve their desired goals and objectives, by optimizing the available resources and using the most effective techniques, suiting the sizes of their firms and their strategies.


  • Providing for SMEs across different sectors, customizing offers to help them continuously advance and flourish.
  • Facilitating for the Entrepreneurs and Start-ups a gateway to the help they need along their journey, until they reach a stable and secured stage.
  • Offering for interns the chance to simulate the professional environment, before entering the employment market.
  • Connecting the different business/management faculties with the private sector through our portfolio of clients, bridging the gap in the current business environment.

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We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business.