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Today more than ever, partnerships do represent both; Key Success Factor to achieve and get value-added to our offerings. Our partnership model is flexible, can start from partnering project-based or by co-penetrating specific markets together. Interested to learn / have a suggestion for a partnership model, please send an email with the subject line: Partnership.

CORE BPO is a business Outsourcing company that helps clients to accomplish their business and financial goals towards growth, efficiency and profitability and could serve organizations and companies by focusing on time-sharing principals to provide them with essential strategic and general management service through the different modules CORE-BPO offered;

Finance; Administer financial system to ensure that finances are sustained in a timely and accurate manner. This involves assisting in the creation of budget, implementation of financial procedures and supervising cash reserves.

Certified Public Accounting; auditing service is provided to check the validity and reliability of the financial facts provided by the company and providing an assessment of a business company.

Tax Accounting; section of the most important accounting sections and depending on it to establish the right of the company and the State to each other as well as the right of the company with a third party (customer or supplier) on taxes.