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Established in 2004, was originally founded to provide marketing services of good quality to the local market, with focus on covering unmet need for the SMEs since they cannot hire professional marketers. Thanks to a strong background and professional experience, by year 2005, the company has been awarded the first sub-contract with the EU project serving governmental entity aiming to conduct organization diagnosis in order to overcome in-trade enhancement. Following this project, others flow from international donors like the USAID, CIDA, and the IMC.

The accumulated professional experience enabled the company to expand the scope and serve others emzerging group, which is the Start-ups and Entrepreneurs which is considered as the exit solution for unemployment. By December 2008, has been selected by the Technology Incubation Program – affiliated to the MCIT to be the authorized marketing consultant for this unit.

The continuous success did not limit on the boarders and along the year 2013/2014, the company was invited to coach and mentor entrepreneurs in the region, organized by ANIMA;

Paris – June, 2013 ss
Casablanca – January, 2014
Cairo – February, 2014
Brussels – September 2014

Thanks to the continuous success, we have been selected to implement different businesses and research activities to different reputable clients:
RMEI – Egypt Chapter
South Rive Secretariat for HOMERe; project initiated by RMEI –
Mentorship Program to Endeavor Egypt:
Business Coaching – ANIMA (Mediterranean);

In parallel to this line, the General Manager lectures at the Arab Academy for Sciences, Technology and Maritime Transport and the French University in Egypt where she helps coaching students in both the theoretical and practical applications / projects. The collaboration with the education is not limited on lecturing only but it was expanded to create internship programs for selective students. Backed by more than 50-year of our staff accumulated professional experience and expertise; this knowledge is tailored to create effective solutions that really work for our clients.